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Name:Silver [Vincent Vittorio]

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angst, barry is a moron, being a derp, being a jealous boyfriend, being a klutz, being a lethal chef, being a tsundere, being a violently protective boyfriend, being angry, being flustered by tori, being fucked up, being jealous of people with good parents, being possessive, being topped by tori, being unstable, coffee, curry, cynthia's pretty cool, daddy issues, dawn's pretty okay, don't touch what's mine, don't you dare pity me, donovan is an asshole, donovan stay /away/ from jeb, emotions still suck, flustering jeb, fuck off dad, gtfo donovan, hating donovan, hating my dead father, hating team rocket, hating the snow, hating tori's dad, jeb, jeb is cute, jeb turns me into a sap, jeb's an awesome cook, jeb's mom is cool, jebbi is insane, jerkass woobie, learning to be loved, learning to love, lying about my past, my boss mr. anders, my father still sucks, my pokemon, never evolving sneasel, not being seduced by jebbi, not good with people, not jeb blushing over other guys, not my real name, not people hitting on jeb, not people mistaking jeb for a girl, not pervy old men, over 9000 daddy issues, projecting, protecting tori and jeb, ramen, regrets, relating to tori, rough sex, running from my past, sera's pretty cool, sex, sexual tension, shopping is a pain in the ass, sinnoh, sneasel, strength, team rocket sucks, threesome relationships, thunderstone boxers, tori, tori fangirling cynthia, tori is sexy, tori's braid looks cool, typhlosion, unresolved daddy issues
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